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Bracing for the political battles of 2018

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Rely on the expertise of SMU faculty as the dawning of a new year brings renewed antagonism between Democrats and Republicans.

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Enjoy a Book
Start off the new year with books published recently by the SMU community, including faculty, staff, alumni, libraries and museum.

SMU in the News

SMU in the News
Take a look back at some of the top SMU stories and SMU experts making the news in 2017.

SMU Adventures

SMU Adventures
Blogs by students and faculty about interesting people and places the world over.

Mike Rawlings

America’s changing landscape
SMU hosted “Cities, Suburbs and the New America,” a symposium on trends in urban and suburban migration, with a focus on people.

Mustang Minute - Mockingbird Lane Bridge

Mustang Minute Videos
The newly opened Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge connects the Katy Trail and the complex of shops and restaurants at Mockingbird Station.  

Alum Cam Kirkpatrick

Alumni News
Rejected writers find acceptance in Wild Detectives' New Reading Series, says SMU alum Cam Kirkpatrick, the series' creator.

Dallas Skyline

Opinions by SMU Professors
Opinions written by SMU professors that have appeared recently in various publications.

Research News

red snapper

Red Snapper Count
Commerce Department selects scientific team to conduct independent abundance estimate of red snapper in Gulf of Mexico.


Student-led Protests
A new study found that racial or gender diversity alone doesn’t make a college campus feel inclusive.

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SMU Experts

Political Parties Logos

Political Experts
SMU faculty can shine their expertise on a wide array of political issues, from the halls of Congress to the grassroots of America.

Corey Clark

Video Game Solutions
Corey Clark finds solutions to large-scale problems through such diverse disciplines as human computational gaming, systems biology and artificial intelligence.

Dominique  Baker

Education Policies
Prof. Dominique Baker researches the effects of higher education access policies on students, particularly the underrepresented.

Stephanie Martin

President & the Press
SMU Professor Stephanie Martin’s new book explores how the relationship between the president and the press has evolved in the digital age.

Alexis McCrossen

New Year's Celebrations
SMU history professor/time expert Alexis McCrossen explores the evolution of New Year's celebrations in her new book.

Jeffrey Engel

Brink of Chaos
In his new book on Pres. H. W. Bush, Presidential historian Jeffrey Engel says the calming demeanor of Bush saved us from global chaos.  

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